Stack Overflow vs Call a Dev

On Stack Overflow, if you haven't thoroughly researched your question, you'll face backlash from the community because it's not their job to show you how a programmer leverages Google search, reads the docs, or inspects the source code to solve a problem.

On Call a Dev, you can be as unpolished or as thorough as you want when asking a question, because we know by the time you've been driven to asking for help, you're likely at your wit's end and just want the torture to stop.

On Stack Overflow, generic questions are praised and highly upvoted because they are generally useful and widely applicable, while questions that are narrowly focused and only useful to an individual are despised. This is because Stack Overflow strives to be a collaborative wiki of common programmer knowledge, not a personal question answering and problem solving service.

On Call a Dev, we welcome narrowly focused questions that are only useful to a single individual because we aren't striving to be the Wikipedia of programming knowledge. We're striving to help devs fill gaps in their programming knowledge through one on one mentoring, real time collaborative screen sharing, and live chat.

On Stack Overflow, you can spend hours or days waiting for help, or going back and forth with someone.

On Call a Dev, you either get help within one serendipitous hour or you don't. Of course you can repost your question as many times as you like, but we don't want to keep you hanging for long if we can't get you help within a reasonable amount of time.