With Culture

Calla Dev seeks investment opportunities that follows the Independent Sponsor & Operating Partner model approach – investment evaluation and execution.

We are seeking opportunities in the following sectors

Service Companies

Real Estate


We like to invest in companies that take pride in their staff and culture

We will invest and manage businesses that meet the following criteria:



  • Clear Value Proposition
  • Historic Profitability 
  • Growth through Acquisition


Target Sectors

  • Small Business
  • Service Business
  • Multi-Tenant and Land Split
Creating a technology platform for companies allows us to leverage our strength in product, business development, and strategy to drive performance

Service Companies

Our focus is to invest and partner with family business.

  • We identify opportunities that have the growth through acquisition potential.
  • Macias Refrigeration – restructure business development model to double their revenue.

  • Partner with brokers in California to buy 2-3 companies yearly.

Real Estate

Experience in identifying, buying, building and selling residential units in the region. 

  • Seeking multi-tenant and land split opportunities in the Bay Area of Northern CA.

  • Focus in the building on multi-tenant residential properties and land split on residential sites.

  • Invested and developed four houses that provided a 30% return; $8.5m total with a return of $2.5m.

Technology Companies

Identify opportunities in both the private and public sector. I co-founded, scaled, and grew 

  • Digital healthcare startup via consultation for a behavioral health clinic and an intensive outpatient program allowed us to identify a venture opportunity. 

  • Calla Dev is a boutique software company helping companies through the agile process of discovery, design, develop, and deploy.
  • Technology services company We grew sales from $4m to $120M in four years via a business development rollout.

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